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Flight compensation?.....Consider it done!
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Wizz Air Cancelled Flight Compensation

What to Do When Your Wizz Air Flight is Cancelled

If your Wizz Air flight has been cancelled, don't panic! Read our guide to find out what to do next and how to get compensation if applicable

Read everything02/05/2023

Wizz Air flight delay compensation

How to Claim Compensation for Wizz Air Flight Delay

Has your Wizz Air flight been delayed? Learn how to claim compensation for your inconvenience in our easy-to-follow guide.

Read everything02/05/2023

Wizz Air Hand Luggage policy

Wizz Air Hand Luggage Policy

Free Wizz Air hand luggage 40x30x20 cm. and maximum weight of 10 kg. If exceeds dimensions you will have to pay a fee of €25.00 per route.

Read everything06/04/2023

Wizz Air Check-in Policy

Wizz Air Check-in Policy

Wizz Air online check-in available from 30 hours until 3 hours before flight departure. If you check-in at the airport you will pay a fee of EUR 30.

Read everything06/04/2023

Vueling name change

Vueling name change, how to do it and how much does it cost?

The cost to change a name on a Vueling flight is 50 EUR per passenger/one way. Name charge during the first 24 hours after the booking is free.

Read everything05/04/2023

Vueling flight change policy

Vueling flight change policy

You may change the Vueling flight only once, up to 2 hours before the departure of the flight.

Read everything04/04/2023

Vueling Pet in Cabin Policy

Vueling Pet in Cabin Policy - Fly with your dog and cat

Each passenger can travel with one pet and only 3 pets are allowed per flight, Vueling accepts animals that are classed as pets.

Read everything04/04/2023

Vueling hand luggage

Vueling hand luggage 2023: policy, dimensions and weight

Vueling hand luggage, check the policy: maximum dimensions, allowed weight and how to get priority boarding for 2 pieces of luggage on board

Read everything03/04/2023

Vueling Check-in

Vueling Check-in: complete guide 2023

How to check in with Vueling in 2023? We explain everything in our complete guide. Discover the steps to follow and avoid complications on your trip

Read everything03/04/2023

How does it work?

If in the last 3 years your flight has been canceled or delayed of 3 or more hours, we can take care of claiming for your rights!

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When entering the data of your flight, we can analyze the delay, the reasons and check the procedure and the value of the compensation to which you are entitled.

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We take care of everything. We will claiming for your rights with the airline and we will inform you about the progress of the claim.

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Once the airline pays the compensation, we will send you the money in your bank account!

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