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Cancelled flight compensation


In the last few years, as the use of the plane is becoming more and more frequent and chosen daily by thousands of passengers, the chances of running into a cancelled flight have increased.
Many passengers are not aware that if the delay exceeds 3 hours on arrival they are entitled to financial compensation, which varies from 250 to 600 euros depending on the route.

There is also the right to assistance at the airport when the delay exceeds 2 hours.
In that case, do you know how to claim a cancelled flight compensation?
You can check now if you are entitled to a flight compensation according to the European law EC 261/2004. 

Below you will find some information about cancelled flight compensation for some airlines:


 cancelled flight Ryanair      cancelled flight easyJet      cancelled flight Lufthansa

cancelled flight Vueling     cancelled flight Volotea     cancelled flight TAP  


Ryanair cancelled flight compensation

Ryanair has changed the way hundreds of thousands of European citizens travel, in 1985 it was the first European company to experience a new type of business, the low cost.

Ryanair is the largest low cost airline in Europe, connecting 33 countries on more than 2000 routes. Its headquarters is Dublin (Ireland) and its base of operations is London-Stansted Airport.

It was born to connect two capitals, London and Dublin, entering the market in an aggressive way, with prices much lower than the competition. Hence its success.

Being an Irish company and therefore a Community company in case of cancelled flight, the Community regulation for flight compensation requests is always applied.

In recent 2017, the news of the many cancelled flights, more than 400,000 passengers left on the ground due to a problem with the rostering of their flight crew, caused a sensation.

To date, the company aims to expand into the Eastern market, with a fleet of aircraft close to 500, the Boeing 737.


easyJet cancelled flight compensation

Easyjet is the second largest low cost airline in Europe and has more than 300 Airbus and connects the major European cities.

Founded in 1995 and based at London-Luton airport, it operates the first routes between London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 
Only one year later, in 1996, the company left the UK to Amsterdam. In just two years its rise became history.

In 1998 its founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou decided to diversify the business of the company, which today has several sectors, from car rental to gyms, hotels and tennis courts. 
Password? Low cost!

In the case of cancelled flights easyJet complies with Regulation EC 261/2004 while respecting passengers' rights to claim flight compensation.

In 2000 the company entered the London Stock Exchange and in 2005 it obtained the monopoly of Terminal 2 of Milan Malpensa, one of the main bases to date.


Lufthansa cancelled flight compensation

Lufthansa is the largest European airline, German flag carrier and seventh world power, founded in 1926 in Berlin and started operating under the name "Deutsche Lufthansa AG" only in 1953 thanks to the elimination of air traffic restrictions wanted by the Allies during the Second World War.

The company connects airports all over the world thanks to a strategic alliance with the largest U.S., Canadian and Thai airlines, making it a world leader in air traffic.

As a German and therefore Community airline, in the event of a cancelled flight, the Community regulation on flight compensation is always applied.


Vueling cancelled flight compensation

Vueling, well-known Spanish airline founded in February 2004, based in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) and third low cost airline preferred by Southern European travellers.

The first flight was operated on July 1 connecting Barcelona to Ibiza, the initial fleet of the company was composed of only 2 Airbus A320, while today, after the merger with Clickair that raised the company after the economic difficulties of 2007, it counts more than 120 units between Airbus A319, A320 and A321.

In the case of Vueling cancelled flight complies with EC Regulation 261/2004 while respecting the rights of passengers to claim flight compensation.


Volotea cancelled flight compensation

Perhaps not everyone will know the Spanish low cost airline Volotea, founded in 2011 in Barcelona by Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros, former founders of Vueling.

The company was born to connect smaller cities, a winning choice since direct rivals point to more commercial destinations.

Today it has more than 80 different destinations, which puts it on the list of the ten airlines in the world to launch more routes.

Being Volotea Spanish and therefore community, in case of cancelled flight the Community regulation for the flight compensation claim is always applied.


TAP Air Portugal cancelled flight compensation

Tap Air Portugal, commonly called Tap Air is the national airline of Portugal.

It was founded as a public service company and became a private company in 1953, from its main airport in Lisbon, it is an important crossroads for routes to Europe, Asia, America and Africa, with 75 destinations in 33 countries around the world.

In the event of a TAP cancelled flight is obliged to comply with Regulation EC 261/2004 while respecting the rights of passengers to claim flight compensation.

Since 2010, TAP has opened new routes with Marrakesh and Algiers and is one of the first European airlines to offer an in-flight internet connection service.

Here are some useful tips on how to deal with cancelled flight

Cancelled flight compensation policy

What European Regulation indicates in case of cancelled flight?

The European law establishing air passengers' rights is Regulation EC 261/2004 of the European Parliament of 11 February 2004.
We will consider the issue of cancelled flight compensation.
With reference to regulation 261/2004 compensations have to be paid by the airlines to passengers of all flights within the EU, whether the airline is European or no-European, and also applies to all flights departing from the EU and arriving to no-European destinations, regardless the nationality of the airline. For flights departing from a no-EU airport the Regulation only applies to European airline. Last important information, the regulation does not apply to flights with itinerary outside of the European area.
Below is a summary of the cancelled flight compensation, which does not depend on the cost of the ticket but on the distance as follows:

Up to 1.500 km


250,00 €

From 1.500 to 3.500 km


400,00 €

Over 3.500 km


600,00 €

Cancelled flight compensation claim in the European Union

In which case am I entitled to a cancelled flight compensation? You are entitled to compensation for cancellations notified with less than 14 days notice, except for cancellations that occurred due to "exceptional circumstances".
Exceptional circumstances as provided by the regulation are:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Impact with birds
  • Air traffic restrictions
  • Strike of flights controllers
Technical and operational issues cannot be regarded as exceptional circumstances, as stated by the European Court of Justice, so the airline is obliged to provide a cancelled flights compensation
  • If your flight’s itinerary is under 1500 km, you are entitled to a 250 € compensation
  • If your flight’s itinerary is included between 1500 km and 3500 km, you are entitled to a 400 € compensation
  • If your flight’s itinerary is over than 3500 km you are entitled to a 600 € compensation
In addition, other passenger rights exist (and that you should know) about cancelled flight compensation:
  • The right to no-use ticket refund or alternative flight: besides the compensation established by EC 261/2004, if the accumulated delay is higher than 5 hours and you decide not to fly, you have the right to get a ticket refund.
  • Assistance: it refers to food and drink that the airline has to provide to you during the waiting, is includes two phone calls, fax messages and emails too. In case you need to wait the next day to fly, you are entitled to a room in an hotel as well as the connections hotel/airport. You are always entitled to assistance if your flight is delayed of 2 hours or more.

Which are the steps to follow to claim a cancelled flight compensation?

  • Keep all flight-related documents, such as boarding pass and other documents containing the booking confirmation code.
  • Ask ground staff about delay reasons and note it, take photos of the departures table at the airport.
  • Get assistance from the airline, it is your right in cases of waiting longer than expected at the airport. Ask the airline to pay you for hotel room for the night if the alternative flight is postponed to the next day. In addition, you are entitled to food and drinks every two hours.
  • Do not sign or accept offers that may invalidate your rights, such as future travel or other compensation offered by the airline, as this may not allow you claim and any additional compensation.
  • Keep invoices and receipts for any additional expenses related to the delay.

Are you entitled to receive a cancelled flight compensation? Find out by entering your flight data in our system. You will receive a compensation up to € 600

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Time limit to submit the cancelled flight compensation claim

You have a time limit to submit a cancelled flight compensation claim, it differs from country to country, depending on the airline's head office:

CountryAirline companyTime limit
BelgiumBrussels Airlines1 year
PolandLot1 year
ItalyAlitalia, Blue Panorama, Air Italy2 years
HollandLufthansa, Eurowings, Germanwings3 years
DenmarkAtlantic Airways, Danish Air Transport3 years
SpainIberia, Vueling, Volotea5 years
FranceAir France, HOP!, Aigle Azur5 years
UK and IrelandBritish Airways, easyJet, Ryanair6 years
PortugalTAP Air3 years
GreeceAegean Airline, Olimpic Air5 years
SwitzerlandSwiss International Airlines2 years
RomaniaTAROM3 years
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Are you entitled to receive a cancelled flight compensation? Find out by entering your flight data in our system. You will receive a compensation up to € 600

1861 review 4.86

Frequently Asked Questions:

✈️ When are you entitled to a cancelled flight compensation?

You are entitled to a compensation in the following cases:

  • Delayed flight of more than 3 hours at the arrival,
  • Cancelled flight with less than 14 days’ notice,
  • • In case of boarding denied for overbooking.

We obtain compensation for 98% of our claims.

Check here if you are entitled to a compensation.

💰 How much can I receive as a cancelled flight compensation?

Compensation amount is related to the flight’s distance:

  • 250 € for flights up to 1500 km;
  • 400 € for flights from 1500km to 3500 km;
  • 600 € for flights over 3500 km.

You can verify your compensation with a click!

⏰ How much time do I have to claim for a cancelled flight compensation?

Delay vary in relation to the nationality of the airline:

  • United Kingdom and Ireland: 6 years;
  • France and Spain: 5 years;
  • Denmark and Germany: 3 years;
  • Italy: 2 years.

Check your rightse.

Do not hesitate to go to the DelayFlight24 platform and check the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

🔎 Which causes entitle me to claim for a cancelled flight remboursement?

You can claim for a compensation when the delay or the cancellation is related to technical or operational issues.

If boarding is denied for overbooking, you are always entitled to compensation.

Check here your compensation in 2 minutes.

✏️ How can I claim for a cancelled flight compensation?

Complete the form on our website, it’s completely free.

In a few minutes we will send your compensation request to the airline. We will update you on the going on of the procedure.

See how to send a compensation request.

💸 What’s the delay to obtain a cancelled flight compensation??

The total delay to obtain the compensation is about 90 days

Sending a claim is completely free.

Click here to send your compensation request.