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Flight compensation?.....Consider it done!
10 useful tips for delay flight

1. When am I entitled to compensation?

Compensation is paid to all passengers protected by EC Regulation 261/2004 who are delayed more than 3 hours, canceled less than 14 days in advance or are overtaken. Compensation ranges from 250€ to 600€.

2. What is the difference between refundey and compensation?

The refund is the compensation for the client,the amount paid for the service not received due the cancellation, overbooking or delay of more th an 5 hours are two cases in which the passenger decides not to fly while the compensation is the compensation granted by the company's service and you between 250€ and 600€.

3. Am I always entitled to compensation in the event of an interruption?

Compensation is only if the disruption is caused by the airline (technical and operational problems) while if the cause is not attributable to the airline (strikes, bad weather, impact with birds) you will not be able to receive compensation but you will be able to request a refund of the ticket if you have not turned around.

4. Can I claim reimbursement of additional expenses?

EC Regulation 261/2004 requires airlines to provide appropriate assistance, a voucher for a meal, a couple of phone calls or emails, and overnight accommodation in a hotel if the flight is postponed until the next day.

Delayflight24 operates in accordance with this regulation, so it will help you receive your compensation, but as far as the additional expenses are concerned we recommend to keep all receipts (taxi, bus, hotel, lunches, dinners) because the airline will refund you directly, if you wish it.

5. What documents do I need to submit to open a complaint?

To open a complaint we need the following documents:

  • Tip 5 Option 1
  • Tip 5 Option 2

We also recommend that you keep a copy of your boarding pass and booking number (PNR)

Are you entitled to receive a compensation? Find out by entering your flight data in our system. You will receive a compensation up to € 600

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6. How is my complaint handled?

Once you open your complaint and receive the necessary DelayFlight24 documents you will begin working for yourself by contacting the airline to evaluate the complaint process. You will be notified from the beginning of your case with regular emails informing you of the status of the case. Once we have received a positive response from the company we will be in possession of your credit and, after with holding a 25% commission, we will credit the amount to the current account that will be requested in the course of the practice. If it fails, the practice will be closed for free.

7. What is the time for a complaint?

The timeline for handling a complaint is not easy to discuss; The integrity of the documentation received, the speed of the airline in the response and the time of year are some of the causes that affect the timing of the case. In our experience we can say that the customer receives his compensation within 60 to 90 days of opening his complaint on the DelayFlight24 page, you will continue to be informed periodically about the progress of your practice.

8. How much does it cost to open a complaint with DelayFlight24?

Opening a claim is completely free, no commission will be applied until the final judgment. If you are entitled to compensation, we will directly charge a 25% fee when you credit the difference to your account, if you are not entitled to compensation, no charges will apply. DelayFlight24 works with a "Zero Stress, Zero Costs" policy if you don't win, we don't win.

9. Is there a maximum time limit for claiming compensation?

Regulation 261/2004 lays down a maximum period for claiming compensation following an air judgment, which changes from the provisions of each State. Follow the scheme to check if you are entitled to compensation:

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10. Why DelayFlight24?

DelayFlight24 is created and inspired by the idea of helping passengers who are ensuring increasingly frequent air disruptions. We know how difficult it is to navigate within the law to have your own recognized right and for this reason we have decided to support our customers. We will be by your side from opening the grievance practice to the conclusion, creating a collaborative relationship to achieve the ultimate goal.

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We're on your side, if you win, we all win.

Are you entitled to receive a compensation? Find out by entering your flight data in our system. You will receive a compensation up to € 600

2761 review 4.76