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Flight compensation?.....Consider it done!

Service prices

How much does the claim cost?

Filing a claim is completely free.

DelayFlight24 will not charge you until the request is successfully resolved. Once the refund is obtained, our rate is deducted directly from the amount of the compensation received by the airline and corresponds to 25% of the refund received (VAT).

Is there an additional cost in case of legal action?

Airlines often don't tell passengers their rights, they see how the possibility of getting their money back disappears. That's when our team of lawyers started practice on your behalf.

DelayFlight24 charges all additional costs, including court costs and legal costs. There are many costs to take for legal action, but none of them will be charged to you.

If your claim is successful after a legal action, you will be paid the corresponding amount deducted of 25% VAT.

What if I lose?

No problem, if your complaint is not in progress, you will not be charged at any cost.

In just two minutes we will be able to verify their rights and enforce them immediately with the airlines, with which we are used to negotiating on the same terms.

Trust DelayFlight24!