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Sundair compensation

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Sundair compensation

Sundair compensation

How to make a claim for a Sundair refund: full guide


Although we try to offer quality services, it cannot be excluded that we may find ourselves in the situation of claiming a Sundair compensation.

Thousands of people use its services on a daily basis for business or leisure travel.

This can result in flight cancellations, delays or overbooking.

If you have had one of these experiences with Sundair and you are in the right place, DelayFlight24 can handle your claim and help you get compensation.

Find out your rights to a Sundair refund in this guide.


Contents index:

  1. Sundair compensation: what European law EC 261/2004 says
  2. Sundair delay flight compensation: when a complaint can be made
  3. Sundair flight cancelled?
  4. Sundair overbooking: refund or compensation?
  5. Sundair compensation amount: this is what it depends on
  6. Useful tips in case of issue with a Sundair flight
  7. Right to assistance at the airport
  8. Do I have a time limit to make a Sundair claim ?
  9. Send a Sundair compensation claim on your behalf
  10. Sundair compensation with DelayFlight24


1. Sundair compensation: what European law EC 261/2004 says

It is possible to apply for a Sundair compensation under Regulation EC 261/2004 which protects passengers' rights.

The flight schedule established by this company is not always respected, in fact it may happen that, due to the company's responsibility or for external reasons, some of them are cancelled or delayed, or some passengers are not given the opportunity to board.

For this reason, on 11 February 2004, the European Parliament and the Council made available this regulation, which is called the Charter of Passenger Rights or Regulation EC 261/2004, to define the guidelines according to which a passenger is entitled to financial compensation and when the conditions are not met.

The first distinction to be made in the event of air traffic disruption is to trace back to the responsible for the delay or cancellation.

If the responsibility lies with the airline for "technical and operational" reasons, the regulation allows to claim a Sundair compensation.

If, on the other hand, the liability arises from external factors such as bad weather, strikes, impacts with birds or airport restrictions, the company cannot be held liable and therefore no compensation can be obtained.

If it is possible to claim Sundair compensation, the amount paid to each passenger is not depending of the ticket paid, but a single amount depending on the route.

These stacks are valued according to the distance between the airport of departure and the airport of arrival, with a value ranging from € 250 to a maximum of € 600.

The Regulation applies in the following cases

  • Airport of departure EU and Airport of arrival EU
  • EU departure airport and extra-EU arrival airport
  • Airport of departure outside the EU and Airport of arrival EU operated by an EU air carrier

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2. Sundair delay compensation: when a complaint can be made

In the event that the flight is delayed, Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 lays down provisions to to claim Sundair delay compensation.

The first step is to verify where the nature of the delay arises, if the delay occurs for 'technical reasons' it means that the aircraft used by the company to operate the flight cannot be used.

These aircraft are put to the test during their life cycle. Sundair operates a multitude of daily flights, which means that the plane that leaves an airport in the morning does not always return to base, because it is used to make several stopovers.

This is why its mechanics are put under stress for much of its life cycle.

Periodically, aircraft overhauls are carried out to ensure that they function perfectly, although you are often in the situation of experiencing a Sundair delay.

Evidently, during the pre-flight operations, the staff assesses that a "part" of the aircraft is not in condition to travel, and therefore all those repair or replacement procedures are initiated, which take minutes, sometimes hours, on the company's schedule.

The second reason why a Sundair delay compensation can be claimed are the 'operational reasons'.

Here too, the fault lies with the company, because it has not taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that the scheduled departure time is not postponed.

You should know that scheduling flight operations is not an easy task, as the movements from one place to another are intertwined to allow the company to make as many flights as possible during the day.

As you can imagine, it is enough that one of the pieces of the puzzle does not fit together to make what is planned futile.

In these two cases then, there are the extremes to proceed with the Sundair delay compensation.

However, it is good to know that to get a Sundair compensation the delay must be more than 3 hours on arrival.

In cases where the delay is less than 3 hours or the responsibility does not fall directly on the company, as in the case of bad weather forcing the departure time to be postponed, or a restriction operated by the airport to name a few, it will not be possible to open a Sundair claim.

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3. Sundair flight cancelled?

Following a cancellation, the "Passenger Rights Charter" comes to the aid of air passengers who have suffered a disservice in order to protect their rights.

The first check to be carried out is to identify the reason for the cancellation and to be able to claim Sundair compensation.

The responsibility always lies with the company for:

  • technical reasons
  • operational reasons

It will then be possible to open a Sundair compensation claim to request the compensation provided by EC 261/2004 Regulation because it has not demonstrated that it has taken all the precautions to avoid cancellation of the flight.

On the other hand, it may happen that there are weather events that are hostile to the flight, strong gusts of wind or insistent rain, dense banks of fog or ice on the runway, reasons that lead to a Sundair cancelled flight so as not to endanger the safety of its passengers.

Another exceptional circumstance that can occur is the impact with birds; in the take-off or landing phase it happens that many birds collide with the plane, sucked by its big turbines and in case the number is consistent, engine problems can occur making the trip impossible.

Even in the event of a strike, if called by airport staff or air traffic managers, it is considered an exceptional circumstance and therefore outside the company's responsibility and therefore we could not claim a Sundair compensation.

Notification of the cancellation is a key aspect of being able to claim a Sundair cancelled flight compensation.

The law stipulates that it must be given at least 14 days' notice.

If you have been notified of the cancellation earlier, even if the cancellation is due to airline responsibility, the refund will not be valid.

Once the complaint has been sent and liability has been recognised, the Sundair compensation will be issued.

Following a cancellation, regardless of whether the compensation can be refunded, a travel alternative or a Sundair ticket refund must be guaranteed.

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4 Sundair overbooking: refund or compensation?

In case of Overbooking, you are entitled to financial compensation in addition to the Sundair ticket refund for the amount paid or rescheduling on a later flight.

You should know that, in case of overbooking, it is not difficult to recognize the responsible from the moment the company denies boarding to some passenger.

There are two main reasons for overbooking when a passenger is denied boarding:

  • Sundair overbooking is mandatory,
  • Sundair overbooking is volunteer.

In the first case the company has sold too many tickets compared to the number of seats on the plane, in the second case the crew does not reach the sufficient number to take charge of the passengers on the plane and, for this reason, some of them will not be able to board.

Whatever the reason, the company is responsible and for this reason it will be forced to a Sundair overbooking compensation.

How can we recognize overbooking?

In some cases Sundair does not allow you to download your boarding pass online by inviting you to retrieve it at the airport on the day of your flight and then, once you arrive at the check-in counter, inform you that you are unable to fly.

Alternatively, the company may decide to provide a boarding pass to all passengers by inviting some of them, voluntarily, to give up the flight by providing vouchers to be used for future bookings.

Once boarding has been denied and it has been established that the passenger is entitled to a, Sundair compensation, must guarantee an alternative flight to reach the destination.

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5 Sundair compensation amount: this is what it depends on

The amount of the Sundair compensation does not depend on the ticket price, but on the distance of the flight, as follows:

  • 250€ for flights up to 1500km
  • 400€ for flights from 1500km to 3500km
  • 600€ for flights over 3500km

You are entitled to a Sundair compensation in cases of:

  • Sundair flight cancelled and notified less than 14 days,
  • Sundair delay is more than 3 hours on arrival,
  • Overbooking Sundair.

Reasons to claim Sundair compensation:

  • technical problems,
  • operational problems,
  • airline strikes

Exceptional circumstances excluding Sundair's liability:

  • situations such as medical emergencies,
  • adverse weather conditions,
  • air traffic restrictions,
  • problems with the airport's equipment,
  • acts of sabotage,
  • political instability and acts of terrorism.

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6. Useful tips in case of  Sundair flight disruptions

In case of cancellation, delay or overbooking please pay close attention to the documents or information, because they are very important during the procedure to apply for a Sundair refund.

Make a note asking the ground staff the reasons for the delay, mark the time of arrival at the destination (remember that you do not count the time of landing, but the time when you open the boarding doors to get off at the gate), take pictures of the board at the airport.

Do not sign or accept offers that may invalidate your rights: for example future trips or other compensation offered by the airline because it could mean giving up any Sundair compensation.

Keep your invoices and receipts for any related extra expenses.

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7. Right to assistance at the airport

The Passenger Rights Charter requires Sundair to offer assistance to passengers in the event that they are obliged to wait at the airport for a long time for any reason whatsoever, whether cancellation, overbooking or delay.

Specifically, the regulation states that, for every two hours of waiting, the passenger must receive a voucher from the airline allowing him to buy something to eat in addition to a couple of calls.

On the type of assistance provided nowadays by Sundair, it should be noted that, considering the amount of the voucher offered by the company and the costs to be incurred at the airport for a meal, the amount paid is not sufficient.

It should be noted, however, that these services must be offered and repeated every two hours, provided that this does not cause any further delay once boarding is about to take place.

If waiting at the airport is unnecessary because the flight is postponed until the next day, overnight accommodation and transport from the airport to the hotel and vice versa must be guaranteed.

Remember that in case of arrival delay of more than 3 hours you will be entitled to a Sundair compensation, but if your flight is 5 hours late and has not yet departed, you can decide to cancel the flight without giving up your compensation.

In the event of a Sundair delay between 3 and 5 hours, the basic requirement for access to this amount will be that you have taken part in the flight and therefore "suffered" the delay on arrival.

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8. Do I have a time limit to make a Sundair claim ?

When you submit a claim for a Sundair compensation you have to pay attention to an important fact, you have a time limit.

It all depends on the nationality of the airline, for example the UK companies allow you to file a complaint for 6 years after the problem has occurred, in the case of Spanish airlines 5 years, the Belgian companies apply shorter time limits (only 1 year to file the complaint).

Please note that lodging a claim does not mean that we will automatically receive a Sundair compensation.

Quite the opposite: once a Sundair claim has been received, the company's control authorities will try to carry out all the checks and, if they believe that the customer has suffered damage as a result of their negligence, they will reimburse him/her.

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9. Send a Sundair compensation claim on your behalf

Although the conditions laid down in the European regulation for receiving compensation may be satisfactory, such payment is not automatic.

Sending a Sundair claim means getting in touch with the customer service or claim department whose job it is to try not to compensate passengers.

It has little chance of success and disadvantages such as:

  • It requires a lot of energy;
  • It takes a lot of time;
  • It has no guarantee of success;
  • Sending complaints by mail;
  • Complain with a lawyer.

What to do then?

You can entrust your Sundair claim to DelayFlight24.

By entering your flight details we can check if you are entitled to a compensation.

We will handle your case with the guarantee of having experienced professionals working for you. In just two minutes we can verify your rights and enforce them immediately against %{airline}, with whom we are used to negotiating on equal terms.

This can be done in a few clicks.

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10. Sundair compensation with DelayFlight24

DelayFlight24 focuses on resolving claims arising from air passenger transport incidents.

Our mission is to provide quality legal services to resolve conflicts between our customers and airlines as effectively as possible.

By entering your flight details we can verify if you are entitled to a Sundair compensation.

We will manage your file by informing you of the various stages of progress and will send you the money at the end of the process.

With the guarantee of having experienced professionals, DelayFlight24 will not charge you any fees if you do not win your case.

The Sundair compensation claim file includes:

  • boarding pass (booking confirmation code);
  • identity document (C.I.D. etc.);
  • signed credit transfer.

The expected time frame for handling a claim is not easy to analyze, completeness of the documentation received, speed of the airline's response and time of year are some of the factors that affect the timing of the case.

In our experience, we can say that the customer receives his or her refund within 60 to 90 days from the opening of his or her complaint on DelayFlight24 page.

You will still be informed periodically about the progress of your practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

✈️ When are you entitled to a Sundair compensation?

You are entitled to a compensation in the following cases:

  • Delayed flight of more than 3 hours at the arrival,
  • Cancelled flight with less than 14 days’ notice,
  • • In case of boarding denied for overbooking.

We obtain compensation for 98% of our claims.

Check here if you are entitled to a compensation.

💰 How much can I receive as a Sundair compensation?

Compensation amount is related to the flight’s distance:

  • 250 € for flights up to 1500 km;
  • 400 € for flights from 1500km to 3500 km;
  • 600 € for flights over 3500 km.

You can verify your compensation with a click!

⏰ How much time do I have to claim for a Sundair compensation?

Delay vary in relation to the nationality of the airline:

  • United Kingdom and Ireland: 6 years;
  • France and Spain: 5 years;
  • Denmark and Germany: 3 years;
  • Italy: 2 years.

Check your rightse.

Do not hesitate to go to the DelayFlight24 platform and check the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

🔎 Which causes entitle me to claim for a Sundair remboursement?

You can claim for a compensation when the delay or the cancellation is related to technical or operational issues.

If boarding is denied for overbooking, you are always entitled to compensation.

Check here your compensation in 2 minutes.

✏️ How can I claim for a Sundair compensation?

Complete the form on our website, it’s completely free.

In a few minutes we will send your compensation request to the airline. We will update you on the going on of the procedure.

See how to send a compensation request.

💸 What’s the delay to obtain a Sundair compensation??

The total delay to obtain the compensation is about 90 days

Sending a claim is completely free.

Click here to send your compensation request.